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white electric cables, four light bulbs with base, suspension devices, tv-magazine sealed
in original plastic film. Dimensions vary slightly with installation.
(Counter Space version ca. 2x3 m.)

Photo: Patrick Lafievre; © Vittorio Santoro

For this piece, I used a French TV-magazine featuring on the cover a portrait of the
Italian poet, writer and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini within the framework of a mural assembly, with the inclusion of sources of lights with a specific electric cables design.
The central placement of this cover in the wall installation can prepare the idea of a
kind of altar. But the magazine placed in its middle is still sealed with plastic film, not consulted yet. The installation has the ambition to place and create a moment of tension between safeguarding, iconisation, fetishism and... disinterest.

Perhaps with the installation I test a multi-layer comment on the figure of Pasolini and
his social critical attitude of the artist, especially from the point of view of today. My basic question could be: Is the figure of an engaged artist, as Pasolini was, still possible, relevant, or welcomed in our society today?

Image above: installation view Counter Space

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(Art Fair)
Galerie Jérôme Poggi
26–28 September 2014

Vittorio Santoro
a limited edition artist book
published by Yvon Lambert, Paris





permanent neon installation
on the facade of the CAPC Musée d'art contemporain, Bordeaux
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press news (selection)

Kunstbulletin 5/14 (Zurich)
Vittorio Santoro by Gabriel Flückiger, pag. 73, May 2014
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or visit Kunstbulletin website here

ANNUAL Art Magazine
Paris, Issue 6
Insert (10 pages+cover)
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Arts Magazine (Paris, N°74, March 2013)
Artist Insert
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June 2012
artpress (Paris, N°390)
Vittorio Santoro by Audrey Illouz, pp. 58–60
Link to PDF (F/E)

29 Feb. 2012
Le Quotidian de l'art (Paris,
N°98) Vittorio Santoro, Gagarine et La propagande soviétique by Roxana Azimi, page 6
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31 Aug. 2011
ARTFORUM 500 words
Vittorio Santoro interviewed by Rahma Khazam on the occasion of his exhibition at Campagne Première, Berlin
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January 2011
Voice Puller

Monographic article by
Daniel Kurjakovic, published by
VOLUME – A Contemporary Art Journal About Sound
Paris, Nr. 2, Jan. 2011,
pp. 30–41
link to Volume website
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29 Jan. 2010
Eclipse (Vittorio Santoro)
Monographic article by Manuel Cirauqui, published by 20/27, revue de textes critiques sur l'art (Paris, Nr. 4, 2010, pp. 97–113)
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